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At a Glance

NONGWOO BIO, a Korean seed company

R&D-oriented Company

NONGWOO BIO is one of the most representative agricultural biotech company in South Korea. It has developed an average of 20 highly functional vegetable varieties annually. As a result of our steady investment of 15% of annual sales in R&D activities and dedication to technology development, we have secured many patents of new technology for breeding disease-resistant varieties.

Quality-oriented Company

NONGWOO BIO is an internationally competitive company that places top priority on quality through introduction and distribution of advanced seed management techniques. It is now producing seeds with high resistance to diseases, highly functional seeds that meet needs of consumers, and seeds with high yield and good quality that can directly contribute to increased income of farmers.

Open-Minded Company

NONGWOO BIO is striving to maximize corporate value and increase its contribution to corporate social responsibility. To this end, NONGWOO BIO is striving to establish itself as an open-minded company that lives together with farmers by engaging in social service activities and various activities to experience rural life in order to improve social contribution and create active-minded and creative corporate culture.

Global Company

True to its name, NONGWOO BIO is a global company with 100% independent local subsidiaries in the US, China, Indonesia, India, Myanmar, and Turkey. They serve as footholds to advance into overseas markets around the world including Asia, Europe, and Americas. We will continue to develop and distribute high quality vegetable seeds that can satisfy the taste buds of local people to realize our ultimate goal of becoming a global company.