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CEO Message

NONGWOO BIO will move beyond the domestic market to become a leading seed company in the global market.

NONGWOO BIO is one of the most representative seed company in the Republic of Korea that breeds seeds, the foundation of agriculture. NONGWOO BIO also develops and distributes new varieties to meet demands of consumers. We have various R&D activities to increase farmers’ income. We develop seed varieties with production stability and high yield. We also develop functional seed varieties considering consumer trends. In addition to seed businesses, we are actively improving the competitiveness of farmers’ products through technology development. We also distribute high-quality bed soil, fertilizer, and soil conditioner called ‘Bio-Char’, an eco-friendly business field in agriculture industry that attracts much attention these days. NONGWOO BIO has established local subsidiaries in the US, China, Turkey, India, Indonesia, and Myanmar. Based on these footholds, we will continue to pursue various marketing activities to transform our company into a global leading company. I would like to give my heart-felt thanks to our clients for their unchanging love and support. My staff and I will do our best to ensure that NONGWOO BIO will become a trusted and loved company.
Thank you!

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