Company history
1967. Established NONGWOO SEED
1981. Built Banwoel breeding station, Jindo, Hadong seed production station
1984. Built quality assurance head office
1987. Opened Seocheon seed production station
1988. Opened Chungju seed production station
1990. Established Main breeding station in Yeoju
1993. Established Beijing office in China
1993. Quality Assurance head office moved (from Ansan to Yeoju)
1994. Established China Corporation of NONGWOO SEED (BEIJING SHINONG SEED)
1995. Established Pan Pacific Seed which is affiliated company of NONGWOO SEED
1996. Established affiliated company, NONGWOO Agricultural Material
1997. Established Indonesia Corporation of NONGWOO SEED (PT KOREANA SEED INDONESIA)
1997. Built a nursery station
1998. Completed NONGWOO Agricultural Material CO., LTD (Yeoju factory)
1999. Established American Corporation of NONGWOO SEED (NONGWOO SEED AMERICA)
1999. Established Bio Technology R&D Center (Yeoju, Kyeonggi-Do)
2000. Changed company name to NONGWOO BIO CO., LTD. from NONGWOO SEED
2003. Built QA center
2006. Established PPS of affiliated company
2007. Established India Corporation of NONGWOO BIO (NONGWOO SEED INDIA)
2007. Opened Gwangdong R&D center of BEIJING SHINONG SEED in China
2008. Completed new office building of BEIJING SHINONG SEED and logistics center in China
2008. Established FOOD MART and e-NONGWOO which is dedicated internet food shop
2009. Beijing Shinong International Trading was founded.
2009. Hebei Breeding Institute of Beijing Shinong Seed opened.
2010. N.S.I Bangalo Breeding Institute opened.
2010. Changed the name of Nongwoo Bio Co. to Agricultural Corporation Nongwoo Bio Co.
2010. Top 10 million dollar export award of the 4th Gyeonggi-do agricultural product contest
2010. 2010 Selected as one of 10 good Gyeonggi companies to work for
2011. Top 10 million dollar export award of the 48th Trade Day
2012. Myanmar branch was founded (Nongwoo Seed Myanmar).
2012. Selected for the best company with good labor-management culture by Minister of Ministry of Employment and Labor
2013. Selected for Golden Seed Project by Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
2013. Selected for World-Class 300 by Ministry of Knowledge Economy
2014. Being part of NH Agribusiness Group of NACF
2014. Top 20 million dollar export award of 51st Trade Day
2014. MOU with Shinsegae Food for co-development of superior seeds, new varieties and spread of supply
2015. Nongwoo Bios new head office was opened