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Quality management

The QA Center is trying its best to have seeds certified as the worlds’ best quality

The QA Center is responsible for managing and operating the entire processes of QA ranging from quality test of seed germination, pathology, and purity to storage, processing, packing, and shipment of seeds in order to convert quality seeds produced in fields into the highest quality seeds and to supply them to farmers. The QA Center is responsible for supervising the entire processes. It is trying its best to have seeds certified as the worlds’ best quality through organic coordination with related departments such as the Breeding Research Center and Biotechnology Research Center.

Seed Management

  • Seed Inventory Management

    Constant temperature and humidity storage facility

  • Physical selection and processing of seeds

    Fine selection, disinfection, coating, and priming

  • Packaging of Seed

    A variety of good quality packaging systems

  • Shipment of seed

    Establishment of quick and accurate modern logistics system

Seed Management Process
01 Quality Inspection of Newly Stocked Seed
  • Sample test (germination, purity, pathology test)
  • Storage of seeds at constant temperature and humidity storehouse
  • Inventory and quality control based on IT system
02 Seed Processing (processing, sorting)
  • Seed disinfection (TSP, tsunami, dry-heat treatment, etc.)
  • Selection of good seeds (size, weight, color, shape, etc.)
  • High quality treatment (priming, seed coating, pellets, etc.)
03 Product Management
  • Insertion, weight, automatic packing with volume standard bag
  • Special packaging using tea bags, can, bulk bags, etc.
  • Systematic logistics management system

Seed Quality Test

Seed quality test refers to the process of testing, analyzing, and evaluating seed germination, seed pathology, genetic purity, etc., which are factors that determine the quality of seeds in order to supply high quality seeds.

Seed Germination Test

Supply of seeds with the best germination quality seed

Seed Pathology Test

Supply of disease-free seed

Seed Purity Test

DNA analysis field test

Seed Germination Test

  • 01
    Sampling of Seed

    the process of collecting test samples that represent small groups because it is impossible to test the entire groups.

  • 02
    Preparation of Test Specimen

    the process of uniform-mixing and homogenization for quality test of primary samples and submitted samples

  • 03
    Seed Planting

    the process of placing seeds on a medium to check germination quality of seeds

  • 04
    Entry of ERP

    Computer-based management of quality test requests and results through ERP

Seed Pathology Test

  • <Virus>
  • <Bacteria>
  • <Fungi>

It is a field of plant pathology that tests seed-affecting pathogens, such as viruses, bacteria, and fungi. It also studies disinfection methods.

Seed Purity Test

  • <Large-Capacity Marker Analysis Equipment>
  • <Liquid handler>
  • <Experiment Results>
01 In-vitro Purity Test

It is a test to analyze the uniformity and identity of varieties by examining genotypes of cross-bred seeds with molecular biologic methods such as PCR. A large-capacity marker analysis system is established to examine crossbred seeds and foundation seeds. It also conducts similarity test.

02 Field Purity Test

It is a specialized field that tests the appearance of child plants and offtype plants by planting F1 seeds in a field and conducts a comprehensive evaluation of difference in expressive traits. It conducts uniformity and similarity test on crossbred seeds and foundation seeds.

Seed Technology

Purpose of Seed Tech

Seed disinfection to control seed-borne pathogens and pests

Protection of seedlings from soil-borne or air-borne pathogens or pests

Improve germination speed and uniformity of seeds

Germination Improvement Treatment (Priming)

It is a treatment technology that improves seed germination speed and uniformity by priming seeds so that seeds are physically ready for germination.

  • <Before priming>
  • <After priming>
  • <Before priming>
  • <After priming>

Seed coating is a treatment technology of applying colors and inert materials to seeds for biochemical or chemical prevention against damages to seeds or for differentiating seed products and saving labor.

  • <Color coating>
  • <Pellet coating>
Seed Disinfection

It is a chemical and physical seed treatment which is harmless to germination for the purpose of removing bacteria, fungi, and viruses present inside the seeds or tissues.